Frozen Doggie Treats – Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter

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We have really good doggies. They deserve a lot of treats. I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate coconut oil into their diet, so when I found this frozen dog treat recipe from Moments with Mandi, I knew I had to try it.

Coconut oil is as excellent for dogs as it is for people. Some of the potential benefits of coconut oil for dogs include relief and healing from dry and/or itchy skin, a shiny coat, helps reduce dog general odor and dog breath,and improves digestion. One of our pups (Dooley) is happy to eat coconut oil straight out of the jar. Sanford, on the other hand, is a little more skeptical about doing so. Since he suffers more from skin issues and allergies, I have to get creative in order for him to consume coconut oil. Enter frozen doggie treats.

What you’ll need:Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter Ingredients


To prepare:

  • Select the amount of peanut butter and coconut oil you use based on the quantity of treats you want to make. Just be sure to use equal parts. I used a half cup of each because I was just testing this out. You may opt to do the same or if you’re certain your pup will love them, go for a full cup of each!


Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter In Progress

  • Peel the banana and place it in a bowl. Add the peanut butter and the coconut oil and begin smashing it all together with the backside of a spoon. (It helps if the coconut oil is a little softened.) Get the mixture as smooth as you can, but it’s okay to have a few chunkier portions as well.


  • Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter In ProgressScoop your mixture into a plastic baggie. Cut a corner so you have a “tube” to squeeze into your mold. (If you have an actual decorating bag, feel free to use that, obviously! We have one somewhere, but I opted for the baggie as it was faster and then I just threw it away versus having to clean it up!

Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter Final Product


  • Squeeze the mixture into your mold (or into drops on wax paper). Place in the freezer until they’re solid. (I left mine in for several hours.) Remove for the mold, but keep them in a container in the freezer, as they’ll begin to soften if they remain at room temperature.




So, a little warning. If you have a dog that doesn’t care for bananas, don’t assume he or she won’t be able to tell these treats contain bananas! I’ll admit, I thought Sanford would be tricked because it was frozen and I figured he would be so happy about the peanut butter that he’d fail to notice the banana. I underestimated him. He took a little gnaw, spit it out, and then looked at me like I should have known better.
Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut ButterFrozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter














Dooley loved them though, so he’ll be the lucky recipient of the entire batch. Now I’ll have to find another non-banana recipe for the Sanman!

Frozen Doggie Treats - Coconut Oil + Peanut Butter


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