“Good Things” Jar for the New Year

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Yesterday, one of my awesome neighbors re-posted an idea she found somewhere else on Facebook. It’s similar to one I had been meaning to bring to life for quite some time now, so I decided to quickly make it happen to start this first day of 2017.

The post was: “this January, start the year with an empty jar. Each week add a note with a good thing that happened. On New Year’s Eve empty the jar and read about the amazing year you had.”

My husband and I agreed that throughout this year on Sunday evenings, we will have a conversation about all of the great/positive/happy/satisfying things that happened and accomplishments we made during the week. We’ll then decide which occurrences will be included on that week’s entry into the “good things” jar. So, not only will we be able to look back next New Year’s Eve, we’ll also be making a point to have a nice conversation each week about all the fantastic things happening in our lives.

To quickly make our jar, I simply cut up sheets of copy paper to have plenty of entries ready for the year. (There may or may not be more than 52 available in our envelope, just in case some extra special happiness occurs that may be worthy of an additional entry!) I took an empty and clean pasta sauce jar and selected some wrapping paper to place around it and secured with tape. Then I spray painted the lid to coordinate. Easy!

We’re looking forward to including more celebrations of the little things in our lives throughout 2017 and can’t wait to read our jar a year from now!


Good Things Jar for the New Year

Dean and DeLuca