Christmas Tree Brownies

So, Christmas really isn’t my thing. I’ve even been referred to as the Grinch a time or two. In case you have your So I'm Actually NOT the Grinchdoubts, I recently debunked the myth that he and I are one and the same by getting a photo with him. So there you have it.

Despite not loving Christmas, I’m trying to get a little more into it. My husband enjoys it, so it’s an area of improvement for me. I’ve even purchased a few decorations in the last week and he hung lights on our house. (This is big, y’all!) Last night we had a few people over to the beach house and I went so far as to attempt to make a holiday treat. I say attempt because they didn’t turn out as pretty as I’d hoped…but they did the trick.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a cute image on Pinterest of brownies that looked like little decorated Christmas trees. Unfortunately, like so many things I find on Pinterest, there were zero instructions and it didn’t like anywhere – just a photo. Sigh. Thankfully, this wasn’t a difficult idea to mimic.

Christmas Tree BrowniesI started by baking regular brownies. You can certainly make them from scratch, but I was preparing a number of things for the gathering, so I took the easy route. I baked the brownies according to the directions on the box. Easy. (This particular brownie mix brand was BOGO at Publix this week (score!) so I gave it a shot. You can obviously use any type you’d like. Red velvet might be pretty for this holiday treat, too!)

Okay, so all was going well. Brownies were baked and smelled delicious. Now all I had to do was cut them into triangles. No problem. I took geometry; I know what a triangle looks like. It has admittedly been years since I’ve baked brownies and I learned yesterday that cutting them isn’t all that easy. They get messy! I think even cutting nice squares could be tricky, but triangles, well, yeah, I really had to think about what I was doing!! Lets just say my Christmas trees would probably topple over if they were real!

Decorated Christmas Tree BrowniesAfter getting my triangles arranged on a pan for decorating, I proceeded to use frosting in a tube to create green squiggles over each one. After that, I sorted through a thing of multi-colored start sprinkles for a yellow star to place on top of each. Might I recommended simply purchasing a container of all gold star sprinkles to begin with? That will definitely be easier than doing what I did! Lastly, I found the cutest little candy cane sprinkles to decorate the trees. I think snowflake sprinkles or these Christmas confetti sprinkles would also be super cute!

So lastly, my grand plan was to stick a short piece of candy cane into the bottom of each one to act as the stump. After the cutting fiasco though, I was over it! Still, if you have more patience, I think it’s a nice finishing touch!

I know you’ll be more successful with your Christmas tree brownies than I have been. If you make a batch, I’d love to see a photo!


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