Swiss Roll Ice Cream Cake


So this funny looking cake may appear to fall into the “Pinterest Fail” category, but I’m happy to report that while I have a ways to go in perfecting the look of this treat, its taste did not disappoint.

Last Thanksgiving, I was assigned dessert as my contribution to the meal. In my mind, simple cake or cookies would not do – I had the perfect excuse to attempt something new! My dad has always loved this old ice cream cake roll thing (also known as “Newlywed Cake Roll”) from back in the day, so my first thought was to attempt to create a homemade version. After realizing that quickly rolling up warm cake right out of the oven was beyond my skill level, I began my search for something similar but less risky. My excitement grew as I found Taste of Home’s Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake recipe:



Don’t get me wrong – this recipe was no walk in the park. First, I never would hswiss-cake-rollave guessed that Swiss Cake Rolls presented such a challenge to slice, because frankly, who ever felt the need to slice them? So, as you’ll notice, they’re, well, ugly. Unevenly chopped, slightly misshapen, you name it – but, they tasted good, so nobody cared.

Second, layering in the two different ice cream flavors and fudge layers (and I ended up creating more layers than the recipe called for) was not a simple feat either. Patience was key and this is definitely not a recipe you can make in a hurry. Each layer needs an hour or so to freeze before you can begin the next. So, definitely start this unique ice cream cake a day before it needs to be served. I hope yours turns out more orderly than mine!

The family enjoyed the taste and the creativity as well. It was a hit and something I’ll try again…someday. For now, I have plenty of other Pins to attempt…




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