Organize Your Messy Jewelry Drawer!

Ann Taylor


Okay, so I may or may not have a weakness for jewelry. While I love my few very nice, expensive pieces, I’m also a sucker for costume jewelry to add a pop of color or unique accessory to an outfit. The “problem” is that I own a ton of it. While I’m very grateful that our new house has gorgeous, built-in jewelry drawers within the master closet, I still need additional space! To create more room for these colorful baubles, I use an over-the-door organizer, which offers several different hooks that are perfect for different lengths of necklaces and bracelets. In addition, it has a grid to hang earrings. Everything has a place and remains untangled. Definitely worth the cost!

Like the idea of hanging costume jewelry on the back of a door? Get one here.

What else have you found useful for keeping jewelry and accessories organized?


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